Which Laser toner supplier or remanufacturer should you choose?

They are are all VERY good. We chose them for that reason and now you must decide.


These companies are the very best and we do believe that we are working with the leaders in the industry and here are the very good reasons why we work with certain suppliers and not others

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WPP: West Point Products LLC. is one of the very best manufacturers in North America. They are paving the way to a new future in the industry. Their recent green initiative with the goal of 100% elimination of all waste, including a massive undertaking to recycle and use everything is truly refreshing in our industry.

We applaud their efforts and we recommend them very strongly and with great pleasure.

You can read more about them above or you can visit their web site as well.

We strongly believe that WPP is a true leader in this field in quality and capacity and of course in customer service.


 To Visit Ziprint please click here.

Seine is one of the very best manufacturers of Chinese import in the world. With an industry leading capacity of about 500,000 pieces per month, Seine Tech USA (part of ZHUHAI SEINE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD ) is definitely poised to continue to be at the very top of the industry. They are the best because they are fully committed to continue to innovate and to supply the world.

Seine has 2 locations in USA and they are set up to provide the fastest possible response time to fulfill and expedite customer orders.

For more information - please see the links above and you can also visit their website at .

G&G  is one of the largest distributors of high quality imported inkjets, toner and ribbon products from China. The brand has been around for many years and they are becoming stronger in the market once again. They are committed to supply a good quality product in bulk.

Other suppliers  

We do supply OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) product from other suppliers and we also carry other products however we feel that it is important for you to know who we buy from and we do not hide our suppliers.

We hope that this has been of some help and we welcome your comments and thoughts.

It is important to note that our suppliers tend to be more expensive then the small manufacturer who may very well be working out of a garage or basement and cutting corners to compete in price only. It is also true, in most cases, that you will get what you pay for. All our suppliers use "Virgin" (never recycled) empties/cores and new drums ONLY and they change many parts and use very higher quality testing methods. It would be impossible to assure a stable quality with empties that are used over and over on such large production runs. They all have large internal Research and Development teams to ensure high levels of quality control. All these factors do increase the true cost of the product, in general, and unfortunately we cannot always match prices but we will try. For all these reasons we believe that our own ULTRA PREMIUM branding is fair and correct. Our products are NOT the same quality as many lower end products on currently on the market. They are better.

The Zeetoner Team