Website Terms and conditions


The following contains the terms and conditions required for the use of this web site and all its contents. This shall not exclude any other information contained in any other documents on this web site but shall supersede such information if need be.

By using or accessing this web site and/or internet site in any way shape or form, including any and all of its attachments, pages, information, icons, text, as well as all viewable and non viewable pages you (the user) acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions specified herein and further agree to be bound by these terms and conditions as well as by any applicable laws and regulations, including U.S., Canadian and International laws and regulations. Any and all contents of this web site and/or internet site belong to one franchisor who may grant a formal license temporary or otherwise regarding all the contents including the underlying code and/or content to whoever it may wish to.

Your revocable license

9010 8077 Quebec Inc. ,trading under the name Zeetoner, (further to be referred to as "Zeetoner") hereby grants to you, the user a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable license to use this web site/internet site for the express purpose of purchasing or managing your purchases from "The Company" or Zeetoner" through this web site/internet site. This includes viewing, requesting, approving and ordering products on behalf of yourself or your company. As a Licensee of this web site/internet, you, the user may not rent, lease, grant a security interest in, or otherwise transfer any rights you have in the use of this web site/internet site. Furthermore you, the user are not authorized to resell the purchase management and processing services of this web site/internet site unless otherwise agreed in writing through formal request.


You, the user, are prohibited to attempt or try to attempt to access the underlying code or program and in any way for any purposes, including the express purpose to copy and/or purloin any part of this website/internet site.


Any and all titles and ownership rights whether intellectual or otherwise belong expressly to "Zeetoner" and shall remain this way. These right are non transferable without the formal express permission of "Zeetoner" to any of its licensees or affiliates.

It must be noted that all trademarks, service marks, product names and company names or company logos referred to on this web site/internet site are the property of their respective owners and are used for reference only. No harm is intended to these companies in any way.


While requesting a purchase or by placing an order through this web site/internet site, you, the user, agree to be fully bound by the terms and conditions of all purchases. These terms and conditions may be changed from time to time.

Right of refusal

For every order placed by you, the user, we reserve the right to refuse to ship any purchase without any explanation or approval needed.

Once an order is made, such order is subject to payment in full at all times at predetermined terms of payment which may be changed form time to time depending on credit terms granted to you the user. Title of goods purchased shall not be transferred until payment is made in full or otherwise agreed to by all parities. You the user will attempt at all times to pay all the bills in a timely fashion. We furthermore reserve the right to request a valid credit card as collateral for payments which pass the due date. We reserve the right to withdraw funds from that credit card to a maximum value of the balance of funds that are and remain unpaid without formal notice. We also reserve the right to use collection agencies or other methods we may see fit to collect unpaid sums of money for goods shipped to you, the user.

Delivery schedules

At all times we will attempt to deliver orders on time as per the suggested delivery times. We will not be held liable in any way for any delays in delivery for any and all products sold on this web site/internet site whether intentional or not.


We reserve the right to make changes to all parts of this web site/internet site at our discretion without notice. We do feel that you the user have a right to make suggestions to make any further changes or to give your comment regarding any changes that have been made. However you the user cannot hold "The Company" or Zeetoner liable for any changes made that may or may not impact you, the user in any adverse way. We would request that you simply refrain from coming back to our web site/internet site. Should you the user come back to our web site/internet site your return will signal your full acceptance of any changes made. If you the user continue to object you do not have to come back to visit our web-site and this being the only possible recourse.

Agreement terms:

This temporary revocable license may be terminated at any time, at our discretion without any reason on our behalf or without formal notice to you the user.


You the user, acknowledge and agree that you will safeguard your password and user information to the best of your ability. We "The Company" or  Zeetoner cannot be held liable an any way possible for the secrecy or confidentiality of any and all information you may provide. All client/customer information will reside on a secure server where at all possible and will not be distributed or released to any unscrupulous companies/person intentionally or otherwise if at all possible. Should any information be revealed to anyone you, the user may not hold "The Company" or Zeetoner,its subsidiaries, its licencees, its programmers anyone else remotely or closely related to it liable in any way legally either corporately personally or civilly in any way shape or form.


Zeetoner, "The Company" , its subsidiaries, its licensees, its programmers anyone else remotely or closely related to it cannot be held liable in any way legally either corporately personally or civilly in any way shape or form for any interruption of service while online or off line or for any other type of interruption, whether known or unknown caused by this web site or due to this web site/internet site.


Any parts/sections/words in this agreement that do not conform to current regulations may be amended or in a manner to make that section legally enforceable unless otherwise chosen by Zeetoner, however such a change will in no way invalidate the entire agreements or any other agreements /documents on this web site/internet site.


You the user, acknowledges that you are authorized to make purchases on your own behalf or on behalf of the company/organization you represent and by such authority you agree on behalf of yourself and/or the company/organization you represent to accept all the terms and conditions in this agreement. Any and all franchisors, franchisees, resellers, suppliers or other associates and/or friends/family may not be held liable for any purchases made through this web site/internet site and, all warranties unless expressly stated are null and void.


This agreement is governed by the laws of Canada. If it should happen that there is a conflict, any and all legal matters must be dealt with in Quebec, Canada or such a place decided and by Zeetoner only at its discretion.

Fraud/Billing errors

You, the user, may in no way hold any and all franchisors, franchisees, resellers, suppliers or other associates and/or friends/family for any fraud or billing errors made to you. "The Company" will upon satisfactory proof provide a maximum of fifty Canadian dollars (50.00$ Canadian) to help defray any costs incurred if it so wishes.

Billing Currency:

All orders/sales shipped to the United States or to any other Country other than Canada will be in U.S. dollars only. All Canadian orders/purchases will be in Canadian Dollars unless otherwise agreed.

Transport Charges/Miscellaneous Charges

Transport charges on the invoice at time of shipment may be different than on the Purchase order at or on the web site and may be revised. Such revision must be accepted by you, the user, however it is customary and our policy to advise you before the product is shipped.

Any pricing on the web site/internet site may be revised from time to time. Should an error be found on the web site before shipping the products requested, but after the order is placed on line, then the invoice price will be the final price. It is our policy to advise you the customer before shipping the products.

All taxes will be charged according to government rules, and all tariffs/duties will also be charged if and where due. Such tariffs duties must be paid in full as per the shipping invoice. It must be noted that any tariffs or duties or penalties imposed by the destination shipping country are not the responsibility of Zeetoner and Zeetoner will not be held liable in any manner.

"The Company" reserves the right to charge for insurance on products shipped at its discretion.


All rights to this web site/internet site and all its contents belong to Zeetoner, namely 90108077 Quebec Inc. (The Company) unless otherwise advised. Any and all licensees/franchisees/resellers can be granted revocable licenses only by The Company and by no other unless legally transferred. Such licenses can be revoked with due cause as outlined in the franchise agreement, not specified herein.

Any references to "The Company" refers to Zeetoner and/or 90108077 Quebec Inc. (The Company) and to no other. If there is any conflict the franchisee may be held liable by Zeetoner, however Zeetoner may not be held liable for any actions/misinterpretations/errors fraud or anything else in any way at all. Les parties déclarent avoir expressément requis que cette entente soit rédigée en anglais.