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EAN: 803233997020

Canon FX4 FX-4 H11-6401-220 Compatible Toner cartridge - SEINE -

Seine Tech - Seine Toner
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Seine Tech USA is ISO & SGS & STMC Certified
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Seine FX4 fits Canon L800, L900, LC8500, LC9000, LC9000L, LC9000S, LC9000MS, LC9500, LC9500S, LC9500MS printers. Page Yield 4,100. Cost per Page $0.00741.

Seine Tech WPP FX4 generic toner fits Fax L800, Fax L900, LaserClass 8500, LaserClass 9000, LaserClass 9000L, LaserClass 9000S, LaserClass 9000MS, LasrClass 9500, LaserClass 9500S, LaserClass 9500MS printers and fax machines. FX-4, H11-6401-220 Compatible generic toner cartridges remanufactured by Seine, Ninestar.Quality non-OEM imports from Seine, previously branded as G&G.

Product Compatibility
Comparable OEM Part numbers:
H11-6401-220, 1558A003AA, H116401460, FX4
Canon 1558A002
Canon 1558A002AA
Canon 1558A003
Canon CRGFX4
Canon EPFX4
Canon FX-4
Canon FX4
Tally Genicom GEN-FX4

Canon FAX L800, Canon FAX L900
Canon LaserCLASS 8500 - MFP
Canon LaserCLASS 9000, Canon LaserCLASS 9000L
Canon LaserCLASS 9000S, Canon LaserCLASS 9000MS
Canon LaserCLASS 9500, Canon LaserCLASS 9500S, Canon LaserCLASS 9500MS
Canon LaserCLASS 9500S/MS - MFP

Fax L 800 8ppm, Fax L 900 3ppm
L 800, L 900
Laser Class 8500, Laser Class 9000
Laser Class 9000 L, Laser Class 9000 S
Laser Class 9000MS, Laser Class 9500
Laser Class 9500 S, Laser Class 9500MS

Laser Class 9500 MS Laser Class 9500
Laser Class 9500 S Laser Class 9500 Series
Laser Class 9800 Laser Class 9000 Series
Laser Class 9000 S Laser Class 8500
Fax L 900 Laser Class 9000
Laser Class 9000 L Laser Class 9000 MS
Fax L 800

L800, L900
LC8500, LC9000, LC9000L, LC9000S, LC9000MS
LC9500, LC9500S, LC9500MS