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EAN: 803233998713

Canon LBP-EX 860 EP-E XHY Compatible Toner Cartridge - WPP -

West Point Products LLC - WPP Jumbo Toner
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WPP is ISO & STMC Certified
Shipped Factory Fresh to your door. 
Transit time : 2-3 Working Days
Production Time - 1-2 Days
(MICR TONER items may be longer)

WPP EP-E JUMBO toner fits Canon LBP-EX printers. Compatible Extra High Yield toner cartridge Page Yield 10,000 . Cost per Page $0.00499.

WPP Compatible with Canon LBP-EX, 860 EP-E, Extra high Yield Jumbo toner , OEM Part EP-E Printer Compatible toner, remanufactured cartridge. Previous WPP item 100751P. West Point Products LLC USA High Quality non-OEM Compatible toners.

Compatible toner fits:

Acom Computer MC5812 Micr 12PPM
ADP Laserstation 12
ADP Laserstation 1700
Analog Tech Corp 3012 12PPM
Anzac Comp Equip 3008 8PPM
Anzac Comp Equip 3012 12PPM
Apple LaserWriter 16/600 PS-J Kanji 16PPM
Apple LaserWriter 16/600/PS 16PPM
Apple LaserWriter Pro 600 8PPM
Apple LaserWriter Pro 630 8PPM
Brother HL-1260 12PPM
Brother HL-1260 DX 12PPM
Brother HL-1260 e 12PPM
Brother HL-1260 NE 12PPM
Brother HL-1260 NTR 12PPM
Brother HL-1260 PS 12PPM
Brother HL-1660 17PPM
Brother HL-1660 D 17PPM
Brother HL-1660 DX 17PPM
Brother HL-1660 e 17PPM
Brother HL-1660 N 17PPM
Brother HL-1660 NE 17PPM
Brother HL-2060 21PPM
Brother HL-960 12PPM
Canon Fileprint 300
Canon LBP-1260 12PPM
Canon LBP-1260 Plus 12PPM
Canon LBP-8 IV 8PPM
Canon LBP-860 8PPM
Canon P 270 OEM Engine 8PPM
Canon P 430 OEM Engine 16PPM
DEC Declaser 5100 8PPM
HP C2001A LaserJet 4 8PPM
HP C2021A LaserJet 4M 8PPM
HP C2037A LaserJet 4 Plus 8PPM
HP LaserJet 4 8PPM
HP LaserJet 4 Plus 12PPM
HP LaserJet 4M 8PPM
HP LaserJet 4M Plus 12PPM
HP LaserJet 5 12PPM
HP LaserJet 5M 12PPM
HP LaserJet 5N 12PPM
HP LaserJet 5Se 12PPM
Huntress Corp SC-812 12PPM
Huntress Corp SC-912 12PPM
Siemens 4821-P10 8PPM
Siemens 4821-P15 8PPM
Siemens Highprint 4821
Tallygenicom 7612 12PPM
Tallygenicom 7612 i 12PPM
Tallygenicom 9080 8PPM
Tallygenicom MicroLaser 17 17PPM
Tandem 5575 8PPM
Xante Corp Accel-A-Writer 812 8PPM

LSX 1000

3008 P

Laserwriter 12/600 PS, Laserwriter 12/600
Laserwriter 16/600 PS, Laserwriter 16
Laserwriter 16/600, Laserwriter Pro 630
Laserwriter 600 PS, Laserwriter Pro 600 Series
Laserwriter Pro 600 PS, Laserwriter Pro 600
Laserwriter PRO

HL-2060, HL-1660 NE
HL-1260, HL-960
HL-1660 N, HL-1260 E PN
HL-1260 Laser AS, HL-1260 E N
HL-1260 E DX, HL-1260 DX
HL-1260 E, HL-1260 NE
HL-1260 NTR, HL-1660 DX
HL-1660 E, HL-1660 D
HL-1660, HL-1260 Plus
HL-1260 PS, HL-1660 Laser AS

LBP-1260 c, LBP-8 IV
LBP-8 Mark IV, LBP-1260 Plus
LBP-1260, LBP Fileprint
P 270

Decision Data
IS 680 Series, IS 682-4 C

Digital Equipment Corp
LN 09, Declaser 5100

LaserJet 5 M, LaserJet 4 Plus
LaserJet 4 M Plus, LaserJet 4
LaserJet 4 M, LaserJet 5
LaserJet 4 MX, LaserJet 5 N
LaserJet 5 SE,

DR 48

LEE Data
IS 682

Winjet 1200

Newgen Systems
B Series

Tally Genicom
7612 I, 7621

512 Plus, Micr 512
508, 512 Micr

Highprint 4821 P 15, Highprint 4821 P 10
Highprint 4821

Accel-A-Writer 812

XLP 820

Comparable OEMs:
Apple M2473G/A
Canon 1538A003
Canon 1538A003AA
Canon EPE
Digital Equipment Corp LN0XX-AA
HP 92298A
HP 92298X
HP 98A
HP 98X
Tally Genicom 399954
Tally Genicom GEN-27X
Tally Genicom GEN-98A
Tally Genicom GEN-98X
Troy 02-17310-001
Troy 2-17310-001