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Lexmark Optra T610 HY 12A5745 Compatible Toner Cartridge - WPP

West Point Products LLC - WPP High Yield Toner Cartridge
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WPP is ISO & STMC Certified
Shipped Factory Fresh to your door. 
Transit time : 2-3 Working Days
Production Time - 1-2 Days
(MICR TONER items may be longer)

WPP High Yield toner cartridge fits Lexmark Optra T610, T612, T614, T616, OptraImage laser printers. Compatible Page Yield 25,000. Cost per Page $0.00296.

WPP 12A5745 Compatible Lexmark toner fits Lexmark Optra T610, T612, T614, T616, OptraImage laser printers. High Yield Lexmark compliant remanufactured toner cartridge manufactured by West Point Products LLC in America. High Quality non-OEM Compatible toner similar to Lexmark 12A5845, 12A5840, 12A5849, 12A5745 toners.


ADP Laserstation 1500
ADP Laserstation 2000
Lexmark 4069 Optra T
Lexmark Optra T610 15PPM
Lexmark Optra T610n 15PPM
Lexmark Optra T612 20PPM
Lexmark Optra T612n 20PPM
Lexmark Optra T612s 20PPM
Lexmark Optra T614 25PPM
Lexmark Optra T614n 25PPM
Lexmark Optra T614nl 25PPM
Lexmark Optra T616 35PPM
Lexmark Optra T616n 35PPM
Lexmark OptraImage 614s 25PPM
Lexmark OptraImage T610sx 15PPM
Unisys UDS-15 15PPM
Unisys UDS-20 20PPM
Unisys UDS-25 25PPM
Unisys UDS-35 35PPM

T 612 N, T 612
T 612 N SOL, T 612 SX
T 612 V, T 610 SX
T 610 Series, Optraimage T 614 DX
T 610, T 610 N
T 610 N SOL, T 614
T 614 DX, T 710 Series
T 616 N SOL, T 717
T 717 N, T 717 N SOL
T 616 N, T 616
T 614 N, T 614 N SOL
T 614 NL, T 614 S
Optraimage T 610 SX, Optraimage T 610 Series
Optra T 612 N SOL, Optra T 612 N
Optra T 612 SX, Optra T 612 V
Optra T 614, Optra T 612
Optra T 610 SX, Optra T 610
Optra T 610 N, Optra T 610 N SOL
Optra T 610 Series, Optra T 614 DX
Optra T 614 N, Optra T 710 Series
Optra T 717, Optra T 717 N
Optra T 717 N SOL, Optra T 616 N SOL
Optra T 616 N, Optra T 614 N SOL
Optra T 614 NL, Optra T 614 S
Optra T 616, 4069

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Lexmark 012A5140
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Lexmark 012A5740
Lexmark 012A5745
Lexmark 012A5840
Lexmark 012A5845
Lexmark 012A5849
Lexmark 012A6844
Lexmark 12A5140
Lexmark 12A5340
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Lexmark 12A5740
Lexmark 12A5745
Lexmark 12A5840
Lexmark 12A5845
Lexmark 12A5849
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