Toner IBM
EAN: 803233997921

IBM 4049, 3112, 3116, Std, OEM Part # 1382100 Toner (from WPP LLC.)

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WPP is ISO & STMC Certified
Shipped Factory Fresh to your door. 
Transit time : 2-3 Working Days
Production Time - 1-2 Days
(MICR TONER items may be longer)

MSRP $120.00 / Page Yield 9,500 / Cost per Page @5% $0.00789

WPP Compatible with IBM 4049, 3112, 3116, Std, OEM Part # 1382100 Remanufactured toner Cartridge. West Point Products LLC USA High Quality non-OEM Compatible toners.

High Capacity Toner Cartridge is Available

Models utilizing West Point 100787, 100789
Data General 6948 16PPM
Decision 1Data 6110 10PPM
Decision 1Data 6112 12PPM
Decision 1Data 6116 16PPM
Facit P 8165 16PPM
Facit P 8166 16PPM
Facit P 8167 16PPM
Gestetner Corp 6216 16PPM
IBM 3112 Model 001 12PPM
IBM 3116 Model 001 16PPM
IBM 3116 Model 002 16PPM
IBM 3116 Model 003 16PPM
Lexmark 4039 Model 10 Plus 10PPM
Lexmark 4049 16PPM
Lexmark Optra L 12PPM
Lexmark Optra Lx 16PPM
Lexmark Optra Lx Plus 16PPM
Lexmark Optra Lxi 16PPM
Lexmark Optra Lxi Plus 16PPM
Lexmark Optra Lxn Plus 16PPM
Lexmark Optra R 12PPM
Lexmark Optra R Plus 16PPM
Lexmark Optra R Plus Pro 16PM
Lexmark Optra Rn Plus 16PPM
Lexmark Optra Rt Plus 16PPM
Lexmark Optra Rx 16PPM
Nashuatec 816 16PPM
REX Rotary 5116 16PPM
Sun Microsystems Sparcprinter E 12PPM
Tallygenicom 7912L 12PPM
Tallygenicom 7912L CX 12PPM
Tallygenicom 7912L TX 12PPM
Tallygenicom 7912R 12PPM
Tallygenicom 7912R CX 12PPM
Tallygenicom 7912R TX 12PPM
Tallygenicom 7916L 16PPM
Tallygenicom 7916L CX 16PPM
Tallygenicom 7916L TX 16PPM
Tallygenicom 7916R 16PPM
Tallygenicom 7916R CX 16PPM
Tallygenicom 7916R TX 16PPM
Tallygenicom 7918 L 16PPM
Tallygenicom 7918 R 16PPM
Tandem 5576 16PPM
Tandem 5578 16PPM
Unisys AP 9510 10PPM
Unisys AP 9512 12PPM
Unisys AP 9516-Lx 16PPM
Unisys AP 9516-Rx 16PPM
Unisys UDS-9616 16PPM