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EAN: 801509159417

HP LJ 4 4M 5 5M 5N 5Se 92298A Compatible Toner Cartridge - WPP

West Point Products LLC - WPP Toner
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WPP is ISO & STMC Certified
Shipped Factory Fresh to your door. 
Transit time : 2-3 Working Days
Production Time - 1-2 Days
(MICR TONER items may be longer)

HP 92298A, 98A Laserjet 4, 4+, 4M, 5, 5M, 5N Standard Yield toner. Compatible Toner to 92298A. Page Yield 6,800. Cost per Page $0.00635.

WPP 92298A generic HP LaserJet 4, LaserJet 4 Plus,LaserJet 4M, HP LaserJet 4M Plus, LaserJet 5, LaserJet 5M, LaserJet 5N, LaserJet 5Se, printers. Standard Yield generic toner compatible with OEM 92298A, 98A, remanufactured Cartridge. Remanufactured toner Cartridge manufactured by West Point Products LLC in America. Previous WPP item 100748P.

High Capacity 92298X Toner Cartridge is Available

Compatible toner fits:

Acom Computer MC5812 Micr 12PPM
ADP Laserstation 12
ADP Laserstation 1700
Analog Tech Corp 3012 12PPM
Anzac Comp Equip 3008 8PPM
Anzac Comp Equip 3012 12PPM
Apple LaserWriter 16/600 PS-J Kanji 16PPM
Apple LaserWriter 16/600/PS 16PPM
Apple LaserWriter Pro 600 8PPM
Apple LaserWriter Pro 630 8PPM
Brother HL-1260 12PPM
Brother HL-1260 DX 12PPM
Brother HL-1260 e 12PPM
Brother HL-1260 NE 12PPM
Brother HL-1260 NTR 12PPM
Brother HL-1260 PS 12PPM
Brother HL-1660 17PPM
Brother HL-1660 D 17PPM
Brother HL-1660 DX 17PPM
Brother HL-1660 e 17PPM
Brother HL-1660 N 17PPM
Brother HL-1660 NE 17PPM
Brother HL-2060 21PPM
Brother HL-960 12PPM
Canon Fileprint 300
Canon LBP-1260 12PPM
Canon LBP-1260 Plus 12PPM
Canon LBP-8 IV 8PPM
Canon LBP-860 8PPM
Canon P 270 OEM Engine 8PPM
Canon P 430 OEM Engine 16PPM
DEC Declaser 5100 8PPM
HP C2001A LaserJet 4 8PPM
HP C2021A LaserJet 4M 8PPM
HP C2037A LaserJet 4 Plus 8PPM
HP LaserJet 4 8PPM
HP LaserJet 4 Plus 12PPM
HP LaserJet 4M 8PPM
HP LaserJet 4M Plus 12PPM
HP LaserJet 5 12PPM
HP LaserJet 5M 12PPM
HP LaserJet 5N 12PPM
HP LaserJet 5Se 12PPM
Huntress Corp SC-812 12PPM
Huntress Corp SC-912 12PPM
Siemens 4821-P10 8PPM
Siemens 4821-P15 8PPM
Siemens Highprint 4821
Tallygenicom 7612 12PPM
Tallygenicom 7612 i 12PPM
Tallygenicom 9080 8PPM
Tallygenicom MicroLaser 17 17PPM
Tandem 5575 8PPM
Xante Corp Accel-A-Writer 812 8PPM

LSX 1000

3008 P

Laserwriter 12/600 PS, Laserwriter 12/600
Laserwriter 16/600 PS, Laserwriter 16
Laserwriter 16/600, Laserwriter Pro 630
Laserwriter 600 PS, Laserwriter Pro 600 Series
Laserwriter Pro 600 PS, Laserwriter Pro 600
Laserwriter PRO

HL-2060, HL-1660 NE
HL-1260, HL-960
HL-1660 N, HL-1260 E PN
HL-1260 Laser AS, HL-1260 E N
HL-1260 E DX, HL-1260 DX
HL-1260 E, HL-1260 NE
HL-1260 NTR, HL-1660 DX
HL-1660 E, HL-1660 D
HL-1660, HL-1260 Plus
HL-1260 PS, HL-1660 Laser AS

LBP-1260 c, LBP-8 IV
LBP-8 Mark IV, LBP-1260 Plus
LBP-1260, LBP Fileprint
P 270

Decision Data
IS 680 Series, IS 682-4 C

Digital Equipment Corp
LN 09, Declaser 5100

LaserJet 5 M, LaserJet 4 Plus
LaserJet 4 M Plus, LaserJet 4
LaserJet 4 M, LaserJet 5
LaserJet 4 MX, LaserJet 5 N
LaserJet 5 SE,

DR 48

LEE Data
IS 682

Winjet 1200

Newgen Systems
B Series

Tally Genicom
7612 I, 7621

512 Plus, Micr 512
508, 512 Micr

Highprint 4821 P 15, Highprint 4821 P 10
Highprint 4821

Accel-A-Writer 812

XLP 820

Comparable OEMs:
Apple M2473G/A
Canon 1538A003
Canon 1538A003AA
Canon EPE
Digital Equipment Corp LN0XX-AA
HP 92298A
HP 92298X
HP 98A
HP 98X
Tally Genicom 399954
Tally Genicom GEN-27X
Tally Genicom GEN-98A
Tally Genicom GEN-98X
Troy 02-17310-001
Troy 2-17310-001