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Brother DR500 HL1650 MFC8420 8820 Compatible Drum Unit - WPP -

West Point Products LLC - WPP Drum Unit
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ISO & STMC Certified Manufacturing
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Transit time : 2-4 Working Days

WPP DR500, DR-500 Compatible Drum Unit matches with Brother TN560 and TN530 toner cartridges. Drum Page Yield 20,000. Cost per Page $0.00366.

WPP DR500, DR-500 Drum Unit Compatible with Brother TN560, TN-560, TN530, TN-530 and Brother HL1650, HL1670, HL1850, HL1870, HL5030, HL5040, HL5050, H5070, DCP8020, DCP8025, DCP8025 D, DCP8025 DN, MFC8420, MFC8820, MFC-8820D, MFC-8820DN printers, MFCs, Fax machines and more. West Point Products LLC remanufactured drum units manufactured in America. High Quality non-OEM Compatible toners. Old WPP Item 117243P.

Product Compatibility:
Brother DCP8020
Brother DCP8025D
Brother DCP8025DN
Brother HL1650
Brother HL1650N
Brother HL1650NPLus
Brother HL1670N
Brother HL1850
Brother HL1870N
Brother HL5040
Brother HL5050
Brother HL5070N
Brother MFC8420
Brother MFC8820D
Brother MFC8820
Brother MFC8820DN

Brother DCP-8020
Brother DCP-8025 D
Brother DCP-8025 DN
Brother HL-1650 16PPM
Brother HL-1670N 16PPM
Brother HL-1850 19PPM
Brother HL-1870N 19PPM
Brother HL-5040 17PPM
Brother HL-5050 17PPM
Brother HL-5050LT 17PPM
Brother HL-5070N 17PPM
Brother MFC-8420 17PPM MFP
Brother MFC-8820 D 17PPM MFP
Brother MFC-8820 DN 17PPM MFP

DCP-8020, DCP-8025 D, DCP-8025 D, DCP-8025 DN
HL-1870 NLT, HL-1870 N, HL-1800 Series, HL-1850,
HL-5000 Series, HL-5030, HL-5040,  HL-5040 N, HL-5050
HL-5070 NLT, HL-5050 LT
HL-5070 N, HL-1670 NLT
HL-1670 N, HL-1600 E
HL-1600 NE, HL-1600 DX, HL-1600, HL-1600 NTR
HL-1600 PS, HL-1650 N
HL-1670, HL-1650 DN, HL-1650, HL-1630, HL-1640
MFC-8820 D, MFC-8820 DN, MFC-8420

Comparable OEMs:
Brother TN530 - Standard Yield Toner
Brother TN560 - High Yield Toner
Brother TN7300 - Standard Yield Toner
Brother TN7600 - High Yield Toner

Matching Drum Kits
Brother DR500, Brother DR-500 Brother DR7000

Recommended - Use TN560 or TN7300