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6 Pack Royal Time Master 100 Generic Clock Ribbons - Zeetoner -

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6 Pieces Royal Time Master 100, 200, 300 Purple Long life Time Clock Ribbons.
Cost per Piece - $ 7.58 Shipped

6 Royal TimeMaster 100, 200, 300 Time Clock Black or Purple Compatible ribbons. Ribbons are normally made in North America and are high Quality ribbons similar to the OEM ribbons. The ribbon are based on Bravo Simplex clock ribbons. Ribbons in stock are normally dark purple because they last longer. Note: this ribbon WILL NOT fit the Royal Time Master TC100.

OEM Compatible Product List
Simplex 1603-9810, 1603-9810, 1603-9806

Royal Time Master

100, 200, 300

(will NOT fit the Royal Time Master TC100- this uses an ink roll)

50, 100, 125