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12 Pack Oneil MF8i, 8i Compatible Black Ribbons - ZEETONER -

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12 Pieces O'Neil MF8i, O'neil 8i, Generic High Capacity Compatible Ribbons for impact printers.
Cost per piece - $5.00 shipped

12 Generic High Capacity O'Neil MF8i, O'neil 8i, Oneil MF8i, Oneil 8i, Telxon RM 80, Telxon XFP-80, Telxon ZFP-2, Black generic ribbons for the Brother Mini 80 and Oneil series impact printers, POS pads, POS systems and more. Ribbons are designed a raised ink tank and re-inker for longer life.

Brand / Model
Compatible Models List
Brother Mini 40, Mini 80
O'neil MF8i

Compatible Models List
Brother Mini 40, Brother Mini 80, Brother TM80 , Brother RM80,

Telxon RM 80, Telxon XFP-80 Ribbon, Telxon ZFP-2,

O'Neil, Oneil
O'neil 8i, O'Neil MF8i, O'neil Micro Flash 8i
Oneil 8i, ONeil MF8i, Oneil Micro Flash 8i