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Canon FX4 FX-4 H11-6401-220 Compatible Toner cartridge - WPP -

West Point Products LLC - WPP Toner
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WPP is ISO & STMC Certified
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Production Time - 1-2 Days
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WPP FX4 fits Canon L800, L900, LC8500, LC9000, LC9000L, LC9000S, LC9000MS, LC9500, LC9500S, LC9500MS printers. Page Yield 4,000. Cost per Page $0.01080.

WPP FX4 Compatible toner fits Fax L800, Fax L900, LaserClass 8500, LaserClass 9000, LaserClass 9000L, LaserClass 9000S, LaserClass 9000MS, LasrClass 9500, LaserClass 9500S, LaserClass 9500MS printers and fax machines. FX-4, H11-6401-220 Compatible generic toner cartridges remanufactured by West Point Products LLC In America. Previous WPP item 200193P, 200193.

Product Compatibility
Comparable OEM Part numbers:
H11-6401-220, 1558A003AA, H116401460, FX4
Canon 1558A002
Canon 1558A002AA
Canon 1558A003
Canon CRGFX4
Canon EPFX4
Canon FX-4
Canon FX4
Tally Genicom GEN-FX4

Canon FAX L800, Canon FAX L900
Canon LaserCLASS 8500 - MFP
Canon LaserCLASS 9000, Canon LaserCLASS 9000L
Canon LaserCLASS 9000S, Canon LaserCLASS 9000MS
Canon LaserCLASS 9500, Canon LaserCLASS 9500S, Canon LaserCLASS 9500MS
Canon LaserCLASS 9500S/MS - MFP

Fax L 800 8ppm, Fax L 900 3ppm
L 800, L 900
Laser Class 8500, Laser Class 9000
Laser Class 9000 L, Laser Class 9000 S
Laser Class 9000MS, Laser Class 9500
Laser Class 9500 S, Laser Class 9500MS

Laser Class 9500 MS Laser Class 9500
Laser Class 9500 S Laser Class 9500 Series
Laser Class 9800 Laser Class 9000 Series
Laser Class 9000 S Laser Class 8500
Fax L 900 Laser Class 9000
Laser Class 9000 L Laser Class 9000 MS
Fax L 800

L800, L900
LC8500, LC9000, LC9000L, LC9000S, LC9000MS
LC9500, LC9500S, LC9500MS