Recycle or remanufacture, two very good words that signify the re-use of products.

When remanufactured properly,  you will enjoy the same product at a better price and do something good for the environment.

Recycle is a good word in our industry.

We MUST recycle, for the sake of our children and mother earth. However, we must also be fully conscious of the limitations of recycled products.

Laser cartridges can be recycled properly and can be remanufactured in such a way as to assure the best possible quality and peace of mind. We only deal with the VERY best in the industry and we cannot stress the quality aspect in our continued goal to find the very best suppliers in the industry.

Unfortunately some people may have had some bad experiences with remanufactured products and these products usually come from small manufacturers who compete mainly on price and must cut corners to survive.

Our suppliers do not cut corners.



The remanufacturing of cartridges has been part of us for over 10 years with varying degrees of success. The idea to provide consumers with a viable alternative to the original products is not new one and will be repeated in many other industries. The idea to turn waste into something usable is not a new idea either. The first products on the market had a tendency to leak and were prone to failure due to the lack of spare parts, knowledge and testing equipment. They were built to give a dark quality print, even darker than the original, and consequently gave a lower page yield for the same amount of toner. This is what the consumer wanted, hence the myth of the low yield, assuming that the drum would go through the full cycle of pages.

Most successful remanufacturers today have changed production methods through research and development and the onslaught of new testing methods and spare parts. This combined with the aid of certain large companies in the industry, has allowed remanufacturers to become more credible and accepted. Saving money is not, and has not been the only concern in the industry. Recycling, consumer awareness and choice are the backbone of the industry. Today, most reputable remanufacturers endeavor to provide a top quality product that will not leak and will give the same, or higher page yield as the original product. We strive to do just that. We also save you money.


In general early manufacturing could only use a spent cartridge once. These empty, once used or 'virgin cores', were opened up, refilled and boxed without any possibility of replacing any parts. Current production methods allow the remanufacturer to replace many parts including parts like the wiper blade, the pins etc. etc., all of which play an important role in the stability and life of the product. Today methods exist to re-use the once or twice used drums by coating them with certain products thereby reducing wastage of valuable resources. However drums come into constant contact with the paper and heat and electrical charges and thus degrade. It is therefore logical that a new drum (manufactured by many third parties) will produce a better quality of print then a twice or thrice used and recoated drum. Drums are much cheaper now and all of our suppliers use new drums to improve printing and to maintain high and consistent quality standards.