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We are working on populating our web site with products and information about us and our industry. The idea of a web site has been in the backs of our minds for a long while and after throwing away a large sum of money to build a web site we have finally decided to start from ground zero and do it ourselves the way we would like to see it done. We will improve the site over time , however since we are doing it ourselves,  it does take time, and we would welcome any requests from users who may want to see other things or different things on our site.

We are building our site for you, the customer, and sometimes we could miss something or an idea from the customer’s point of view.

Web sites are dynamic and are ever changing and we look only to improve where and when possible. We sincerely hope that this site will be both informative and interesting and we welcome and suggestions or additions.

Most of our industry news is from Recharger Magazine which is truly the most important, respected and most informative publication in the industry. If you want to know what is happening in the industry, they are the ones to seek.

We try to simply put forth articles that are interesting to us and could be interesting to our readers. You can always go to their website directly and read more if it is of interest to you. You can also e-mail us for more information

The Zeetoner Team

Zeetoner Finds out:

Dell: Dell has become a very large player in the printer market. While researching prices for our listings, we were surprised to see how or why Dell uses so many different SKUs. Is this an attempt to confuse the customer?

Example: M5200 Cartridges – The 18,000 page cartridge is listed using the following SKUs on sites:

USA: N0893, W2989, 310-4133, Price: 252.99$ US
Canada: N0893. 00J2925,  A0131625,

Price: 323.99$ CDN when you type in N0893 or 310-4133

Price: 239.99$ CDN when you type in A0131625

On top of the fact that the difference in price is VERY big between Canada and USA (approximately 25% more when converted) , we find it strange that the main SKU that everyone knows is not the same for Canada and why all the prices when you search in another way?

Confusing - YES

Meant to confuse - YES

We gave you the facts, now you must decide.

The Zeetoner Team

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