Shipping Information

We will ship anywhere. USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia etc. Everywhere is only a truck, plane or a ship away, however shipping rates truly depend on where and what we ship. Shipping is Free for Ribbons to Most of Contental USA and Canada. 



Shipping to USA - areas OUTSIDE of CONTINENTAL USA
including AK, AS, FM, GU, PR, APO/FPO etc.

- you may need to pay more for shipping - MOST LARGER items will cost more to ship
- Proceed through CHECKOUT and use the "PAY on Invoice" option (You will NOT be charged)
- We will review the order and contact you as soon as possible.
- See Below for more information or please ask


Shipping to other countries (NOT USA)

- Proceed through CHECKOUT and use the "PAY on Invoice" option (You will NOT be charged)
- Please use the comments section to include the proper and FULL address and contact information
- We will review the offer and we will contact you as soon as possible.

   We    Ship    The    World  

  • Ribbons ONLY - Shipping is FREE to CONTINENTAL USA  for ALL Ribbon orders.
  • Toners ONLY - Shipping is a flat Fee of 15$ per order to Continental USA
  • If you are in a rush to get your products or you have special instructions , please e-mail us for a quote or you can proceed through checkout and checkout as a Purchase order without paying. You WILL have an option to include comments and  Example "Rush order needed by Air or by a certain date"
   Laser Cartridges (Continental USA) - All Printer products are Tax Free


  • All Laser cartridges are drop shipped by our suppliers direct to you and are shipped by courier ground (unless otherwise noted)
  • Our suppliers have Multiple warehouses and the item will be shipped from the closest possible.
   Ribbons (Continental USA)
  •  Small Packages (6 to 36 ribbon) are normally shipped by Air Mail Parcel
  • Transit time is usually between 3-7 working days
  • Larger Packages are normally shipped by Expedited Parcel Post and will take longer (about 5-9 working days and you will get a tracking number)
  • If you require faster shipping PLEASE ask. We will do our very best to calculate the costs as quickly as possible. We will only charge the difference between our general shipping cost and the faster shipping method chosen.
   Laser Cartridges NON Continental (APO, FPO, Alaska, Hawaii etc.)
  •  Shipping costs ARE Higher and will be calculated on a case by case method - You can e-mail us for a price quote or you can check out without paying ( you will have an option to create a purchase order at checkout).
  • Please make your purchase and proceed to checkout.
  • You WILL have the option several options at the very end of the checkout to send us a purchase order.
  • We will calculate the shipping as fast as possible and get back to you within about 1 hour if at all possible, or you can call us... however ... having the PO on hand makes it much easier.
   Ribbons NON Continental (APO, FPO, Alaska, Hawaii etc.)
  •  Small packages: (up to about 36 ribbons - depending on the ribbons) will ship at exactly the same price as continental USA. (Example Okidata 182/320 ribbons - 20 ribbons are priced the same for all of USA)
  • Larger packages: these will cost a bit more and take more time depending on where we are shipping to. Please do exactly the same as above and please note that the increased cost of shipping on ribbons are usually not very high.

For all of Canada - Please contact us. Normally Shipping will be about the same for Toners and ribbons will be about 8$ for Ontario and Quebec and about 12$ to 15$ for the rest of Canada.
You will NOT be able to purchase using this part of our site.

We will gladly e-mail you a full price list or a quotation while we finalize the Canada web site/product list.

Products for Canada tend to be a bit more expensive then for USA due to lower US shipping costs.

Thank you/Merci.

   Rest of the World

 Laser Cartridges and large packages tend to be VERY expensive to ship. We do not attempt to profit on shipping, however we do all know that the post is very expensive and the postal companies ALWAYS seem to increase their fees and make more money.

We have quoted many times for Lasers and have realized that the shipping is far too high unless you are willing to purchase several cartridges at a time.

For Ribbons - Small packets may incur a small surcharge and we will refuse to ship by ground unless you are willing to pay by Western Union only. We have found that ground takes too long and we will not allow ourselves to be held hostage by Paypal due to slow shipping. We do apologize for this, however this policy is based on past experience. 

For Ribbons - Larger packages tend to be expensive, however our price is usually so low to begin with, that customers will still benefit from this type of purchase. It must also be noted that ribbons are sold by us in larger bulk quantity and the cost per ribbon does drop quite dramatically if you need to purchase larger quantity. Larger packages (Up to 2 KG may cost an extra 40$ over the listed prices - this is the difference between or cost to ship to USA and to rest of the world)

We do ship quite regularly to Europe and Australia and have found that our low ribbon prices tend to allow for the added shipping costs.

   If you require shipping to the rest of the world you can contact us for a quotation at any time.