Seine Tech USA

Seine Tech USA, previously Ziprint Inc. is one of the largest and most respected toner cartridge manufacturers in the world. The head office is based in China and they are one of the most innovative companies in the industry. They have recently launched their own line of laser printers and they are poised to become a true powerhouse now and in the future. They are the very best manufacturer in China and they have amassed many certifications in the toner industry. They are committed to quality and great products.

Seine products were previously  sold under the G&G Image brand. Seine is one of the largest providers of High Quality Chinese compatible toner products in the world. They are partly owned by Lenovo and are very big and very well funded with an industry capacity of about 500,000 pieces per month.

 Sein Tech USA has their main location in California and another location in New Jersey. They are ISO 9001:2008 and 14001 certified as well as STMC and SGS certified. They are definitely at the very high end of the manufacturing groups from China and they pride themselves on quality above all.

It is to be noted that G&G (owned by Ninestar International) currently still sells inkjet and ribbon cartridges and they have recently restarted selling color toners once more. however Seine sells all monochrome and color products and Seine owns the production facilities. At this time Seine does not sell inkjet cartridges, however this may change in the future.

Production in China has evolved over the years and as time passes, the level of knowledge at the factory has increased dramatically and so quality has increased in tandem with this change. Today the factory in China has access to the very same technology as the factory in North America. The top manufacturing facilities in China produce very high quality products that do rival the very same products that are manufactured in North America.